34th Annual AG’s Cup Speech Competition is Slated for May 4th, 2018

The Office of the Attorney General will hold its 34th Annual Attorney General’s Cup Speech Competition on May 4, 2018 at 9:00 am at the Fiesta Resort and Spa, Hibiscus Hall.

Eight (8) high schools will be participating in this year’s competition, they include: Dr. Rita Inos High School, Eucon International School, Grace Christian Academy, Marianas Baptist Academy, Marianas High School, Mount Carmel High School, Saipan Southern High School, and Kagman High School.

“The speech competition gives CNMI high school students the opportunity to conduct research on the topic provided for by the Attorney General’s office. Students are required to prepare and present their speech that showcases their voice and passion for his or her position on the topic,” says Attorney General Manibusan.

This year’s topic focuses on the Insular Cases Doctrine, according to which Congress can choose which portions of the United States Constitution apply to “unincorporated territories,” including the CNMI. The issue presented is broken down into three parts: (1) To what extent does the Insular Cases Doctrine give the citizens of unincorporated territories (the CNMI) flexibility to take into account their unique culture and history? (2) To what extent does the Insular Cases Doctrine create different classes of U.S. citizens? and (3) Is the Insular Cases Doctrine relevant and should it continue applying to the CNMI? Why?

Attorney General Manibusan states, “The topic provides the students the opportunity to review the Covenant to Establish the Commonwealth as well as the US and Commonwealth Constitution. The students will spend hours of research leading up to the event by preparing and rehearsing for the competition. Their hard work and enthusiasm is evident when they deliver their speeches on the day of the competition.”

The Office of the Attorney General welcomes the public to attend the event and support the students of the CNMI. For more information on the Speech Competition, please contact Ms. Keola Fitial at the Office of the Attorney General’s Criminal Division at 237-7600.

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