Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division serves as the primary hub to the other divisions by providing support staff to perform a variety of administrative tasks. It plans, organizes, and implements the Office’s programs, policies and objectives. The Administrative Division coordinates office services such as sound fiscal management, records management, recruitment and training/professional development. It also reviews and recommends to management the technical and procedural needs of the Office overall. The division is further tasked with the management of grant awards as well as to research and produce grant proposals for submission.

Child Support Enforcement

Every child needs the financial and emotional support of both parents. Our mission in the Child Support Enforcement Division is to assist parents in obtaining the financial support necessary to raise their children. Our office assist parents by establishing paternity and enforcing child support and related orders issued by the court. Our goal is to collect and distribute child support payments in a timely manner.

Civil Division

The Civil Division is responsible for representing the executive branch of the Commonwealth, including all public corporations and autonomous agencies on all civil and administrative matters.

Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Division investigates and enforces violations of the Consumer Protection Act.

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is in charge of prosecuting criminal offenses pursuant to Article III, Section 11 of the Commonwealth Constitution. Ensuring that justice is served while balancing the safety and welfare of the Commonwealth are essential functions of the Criminal Division and necessary for maintaining a civilized society.

Investigative Division

The Investigation Division was established to investigate white collar crimes and violations of all CNMI laws. The Division was statutorily established in May 2013, through the passage of Public Law 18-13 and 18-14, to investigate white collar crimes and violations of all CNMI laws and provide investigative assistance in criminal and civil matters, child support enforcement, consumer protection, and local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Solicitor’s Division

The Solicitor’s Division was created to improve the management of our appellate practice, streamline the review and commenting of pending legislation, and the delivery of legal services to government agencies.