Office of the Consumer Counsel

The Office of the Consumer Counsel investigates and enforces violations of the Consumer Protection Act.  The office was re-established in August 2015 in the wake of Typhoon Soudelor after receiving numerous complaints of price gouging and selling of defective items. A media campaign was launched to deter businesses from taking advantage of consumers during disaster. Since the re-establishment, the following activities have occurred:

  • Established a joint Consumer Protection Task Force
  • Increasing publicity of the office’s consumer protection services and has launched weekly consumer protection campaign in local newspapers.
  • Issued approximately 30 notices of violation of the Consumer Protection Act
  • Collaboration with other government enforcement agencies.
  • Increased enforcement of consumer protection laws by conducting regular inspections of retail establishments to ensure compliance with the Consumer Protection Act.
  • Attorney General Manibusan entered into a cooperative agreement with the Attorney General of Guam, Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson, to enhance consumer protection efforts. Through this collaborative effort, the Attorneys General were able to meet with a top-level executive at United Airlines regarding the abysmal service provided in our region and the discontinuation of complimentary meal service on the Honolulu-Guam route.
  • Engaged in media campaign to deter businesses from taking advantage of our community in the aftermath of the Typhoon Soudelor.
  • Collected $71,125.00 in fines

Consumer Complaints

The Office of the Consumer Counsel (OCC) promotes and protects the interests of CNMI consumers while ensuring a competent and fair marketplace.  If you would like to file a consumer complaint, you can download the form, fill out a Complaint online, pick up a copy at our Capital Hill office, or request for one by email from  After completing the consumer complaint, submit it by email or in-person.

Consumer Complaint Form

Online Complaint Form

* If you are CNMI resident enrolled in an out-of-state online program and have a compaint, use the Online Student Complaint link.